Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather – we need plenty of rest and water in the heat and even the gardens are taking a break from growing.

Here are some top tips, we have gleened from some renowned gardeners, to help you do the right thing by your plants and gardens:

1. Put mulch or bark down on the soil around the plants – this helps to lock in the moisture
2. Move some of the pots and hanging baskets into the shade – only water them in the early morning or late evening and if the compost is dried out on your baskets try submerging them in large containers of water for over an hour
3. Give you greenhouse plenty of ventilation – open the doors and windows and remove panes if necessary
4. Give your lawn a break and don’t cut very often – if you need to cut it then raise the cutting height to 5cm/2inches. Don’t bother watering the lawn – it will recover once the wet and cooler weather returns – it will help save water too! If you have a small lawn and want to water then used recycled water from a water butt (although these may be dry now) and only water in the cooler times of the day – if not then the water will just evaporate. If you leave clippings on the lawn this will help retain the moisture. Before watering or rainfall try using a fork in the soil on the lawns – the holes will help the water sink in instead of just rolling off.
5. Why not have your mower serviced, your hedge cutter sharpened or your poorly machine fixed – we are offering customers, who read this, 10% off the labour charge when you quote HEATWAVE when bringing your garden machine in during July and August 2018

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