Whatever the size of your lawn the correct machine is vital to help you maintain a healthy, good-looking lawn without causing you extra work and stress.

If you like a striped or chequered look or just neat, short grass then there is a mower that can help – it’s all about which one is right for you.

Let have a brief look at the various types:

These are the most popular type of mowers and there are many brands and models and prices. They come in various forms: electric, petrol driven and battery operated.

You can do the pushing with the Push Mowers, or let the machine do the pulling with a Self-Propelled machine.
Self-propelled mowers come in three options – Front propelled, Rear wheeled drive and all wheeled drive

Along with these options, there are several mower functions available. These focus on not just how well or short the mower can cut your grass and how easy this is but additionally what it does with the cuttings thereafter. To mulch or not to mulch!

Ride on mowers may be a better option for you if you have a larger lawn. Where a walk behind mower would not be appropriate and end up taking hours each time you wanted to mow the lawn, Ride on mowers have a wider cutting width and allow you to cover a larger area much more quicky.

There are basically three different types of ride-on: Rear engine machine, a Lawn Tractor and a Zero turn.

Rear Engine Mowers
If you have an acre or more to mow then the smaller of the ride-on family, the rear engine mower, is the next upgrade to the self-propelled mower. They can usually offer mulching and some models collect the cuttings.

Perfect for homeowners

Lawn Tractor
If you have semi-rough terrain the Lawn tractor has more power than the rear engine mower and can offer cutting, mulching and bag collecting. They offer a wide range of cutting heights

Zero-Turn Mowers

These forward speed and steering machines use dual hydrostatic transmissions at the rear wheels. They are designed for speed and manoeuvrability and efficiency and can cut varying heights

Robotic Mowers

If you’re looking for a fuss-free way of keeping the lawn neat and tidy and don’t want to push or ride on your mower then the Robot mower could be the answer to take care of your lawn.

Once they’re set up, robot mowers can be completely autonomous. The mower can come on at times scheduled by you, cut your grass and return to its charging dock to power up its battery ready for the next cut.

Push, ride-on and robotic mowers are well suited to different jobs, with various pros and cons to each – why don’t you come and chat to us about your specific needs – our stock is vast and varied and our experience in the Garden Machinery business spans over 40 years.

Not one type of mower or budget suits all so use our expert knowledge and impartial advice to help guide you so that you buy what is just right for you!

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