February 2024


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Estate 798e Battery garden Tractor No more levers or mechanical operations. STIGA Estate is the first fully-electric tractor – reaching new levels of efficiency, comfort and convenience. One touch to start. One touch to adjust cutting height or speed. And one touch to empty grass bin in 7 seconds! Powered by long-lasting STIGA ePower batteries for [...]


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Hello February!! Make lawn care simple with the exceptional manoeuvrability and compact design of the STIGA Swift. This lightweight ride-on mower helps you tackle a range of mowing jobs at any time of year. ** Powered by four 48V interchangeable STIGA ePower batteries (2x7.5Ah + 2x5Ah , included) ** Shareable – ePower batteries work with STIGA [...]

December 2023

STIGA SWS 800 Brush

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Its that time of year when we are looking to clearing and cleaning away debris, leaves and even revitalising the artificial grass surfaces (sports clubs especially). Also dare we mention SNOW and snow clearing Check out the deal on the STIGA SWS800 BRUSH Its currently on offer for only £919 inc VAT (normally £1041 inc VAT) [...]

June 2023

Fancy a Cruise this year? (we mean around the garden)

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You don’t have to be on a ship to cruise this summer! You can switch on the cruise control on your John Deere Lawn Tractor and just relax and enjoy mowing the lawn Designed for large lawns these lawn tractors have the power and comfort you will need. They have a number of features: [...]

March 2023

If your question is: What type of mower should i buy? Read on…….

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WHAT TYPE OF MOWER SHOULD I BUY? Whatever the size of your lawn the correct machine is vital to help you maintain a healthy, good-looking lawn without causing you extra work and stress. If you like a striped or chequered look or just neat, short grass then there is a mower that can help – it’s [...]

July 2022

JOHN DEERE X590 Riding Lawn Equipment

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We are delighted to have in stock the John Deere X590 Ride On Lawn Mower This great machine offers: • Excellent power and performance • Heavy-duty welded frame • Power steering • Hydraulic deck lift https://youtu.be/6Iih_Llmzlk Top performance, superior comfort Take "ease of use" to the next level – the X590 features power steering for effortless [...]

March 2022

September 2021

E10 – “what is it and what does it mean for my mower?”

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We are receiving calls from customers and being asked in the shop about the introduction of E10 fuel this week and how this will affect their garden machinery. E10 petrol explained in more detail E10 is a fuel made up of 90% regular petrol and 10% ethanol. It has now been introduced as the standard grade [...]

February 2021


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SECOND HAND MACHINES We have taken some great machines as part exchange this year so far and so we have various brands and types in our SECOND HAND department Check out our Second Hand Mowers section of the website SECOND HAND MOWERS Dont miss out on some great bargains Call us to ask for [...]

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